Gabriel Poesia

Gabriel Poesia

Hello! I'm a 2nd year Computer Science PhD student at Stanford University, affiliated with the NLP Group and advised by Noah Goodman in the Computation and Cognition Lab.

My research goal is to advance the way we interact with computers, taking inspiration from how humans communicate and collaborate. In particular, I'm interested in making computers capable of handling ambiguous inputs and specifications by leveraging prior knowledge and proactive interaction. That sometimes touches on program synthesis, but more fundamentally is about how to allow ambiguous yet effective communication between humans and computers, like people naturally do all the time. Recently, I've been also interested in the applications of that set of ideas in Education.

A headshot of me.


NAACL/ViGIL 2021 Generating Informative, Open-domain Clarification Questions Without Question Examples
Julia White, Gabriel Poesia, Robert Hawkins, Dorsa Sadigh and Noah Goodman
AAAI 2021 Pragmatic Code Autocomplete
Gabriel Poesia and Noah D. Goodman
OOPSLA 2020 Dynamic Dispatch of Context-Sensitive Optimizations
Gabriel Poesia and Fernando Magno Quintão Pereira
[Link] [PDF] [Code]
OOPSLA 2017 Static Placement of Computation on Heterogeneous Devices
Gabriel Poesia, Breno Guimarães, Fabrício Ferracioli and Fernando Magno Quintão Pereira
[Link] [PDF]
ECML/PKDD 2014 A Lossless Data Reduction for Mining Constrained Patterns in n-ary Relations
Gabriel Poesia and Loïc Cerf
[Link] [PDF]